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Upload your good action and name it: #myrealact+your film name.

Your video will be automatically shared with the world.

At the end of the initiative will create a movie with all videos.

Working and dreaming for a better world

MyRealActs is not a company. It´s a project by two friends who met us at a social design initiative, despite we are being separated by more than 1000km away, we decided to create this project. We call us "Positive Creations".
Day after day we hear that we live in an individualistic society, selfish and dangerous, without values​​, we aim to show that there is another world and that is on the street, we just have to stop and look around us.

At the end of the initiative, we will create a history-film of good acts around the world with all the videos that you send to the web.


José María del Pozo


Martha Molina